The Project

The Global Elections Database (formerly known as the Constituency-Level Elections Dataset, 2007) provides information on the results of both national and subnational elections around the world. These data are presented at two levels of analysis, allowing users to quickly identify the results of elections within a country as a whole or within particular constituencies or districts of a country. All parties are included in the database regardless of the number of votes that they won. The data are based on countries' official election results and have been amassed from various government institutions.

The data are accessible in multiple formats:

  • spreadsheets
  • tables
  • GIS maps

The spreadsheets provide data at the national and subnational level and lend themselves easily to statistical analysis. The tables allow you to quickly find out how many votes and seats a party won in a particular election, while the GIS maps allow you to visualize the election results across districts.

If you use these data, please cite.

Brancati, Dawn. Global Elections Database [computer file]. New York: Global Elections Database [distributor], Date Accessed mm/dd/yyyy. Website:

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